Risk Management Consulting


Large organizations have the capital and resources to employ a team of professionals tasked with effectively and efficiently managing risk to ensure long-term viability. Unfortunately, it isn’t feasible for smaller organizations to retain the expertise of someone with these skill-sets on a full-time basis, but the risk is still there!

Business owners, CEO’s and CFO’s have enough on their plate. Effectively managing risk is often overlooked until a claim triggers a closer look. Oftentimes, it is too late.

At Peak9, we take the time to understand your business. Utilizing the 5 steps to risk management (Identification, Analysis, Control, Financing & Administration), we bring the technical expertise to efficiently deliver a proactive, consultative, and systematic approach to managing risk.

Working on a flat fee, contingency fee based service or project fee agreement, we offer the following services:

  • Independent Coverage Audit
    o Potential gaps in coverage
    o Potential areas for savings
    o Coverage limit evaluation
    o Policy language recommendations
  • Risk management policy & procedure
    o Review
    o Development
    o Implementation
  • Contract reviews
    o Leases
    o Vendor
    o Client
  • Claims management
  • Loss Control
  • Broker Selection
  • Alternative Risk Techniques
    • Captives
      • Pure Captive
      • Group Captive
      • Association Captive
    • Risk Retention Groups

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